Company Name: Soapy Joe's
Chain of 10 (2017) car washes in the San Diego, CA area. Grown from 3 in 2010 when we did the logo.

What We Do:
Soapy Joe's is a car wash and detail chain in Southern California that takes care of your car needs and is known for our exterior express service.

Our Industry: Automotive

Top Three Things to Communicate through our Logo:
#1 - Quality Assurance
#2 - Experience for the whole family
#3 - Top Quality for Modest Pricing

Our Target Audience:
Our target audience is the everyday working people and college students.
YEAR: 2010
Client said:
Thank you for your entry! It is greatly appreaciated and definitely brought smiles to the partners faces!
Where we will use the Logo:
Web, Print, Billboards & Signs, Television, Mugs, T-shirts
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