Pediatric Dentistry of Smyrna,  Tennessee, US. 2009
Project // Client brief
New logo for the business.
"We are a Pediatric Dental office specializing in providing the very best dental care available for children from infancy through adolescence, in a fun and caring environment."
"The colors should be bright and vibrant, but look very professional. It needs to appeal to parents and preschoolers alike. I am open to different color combinations."
"This logo does not have to look anything like that one as the practices will be completely separate. This office does not have a theme like the one on the website. It is a possibility that I will do some advertising on a larger scale in the future where to logos will be used side-by-side, but I do not want to limit the creativity of this logo on that small possibility. I recently took over ownership from a retiring dentist who was very beloved by all of his patients. He was known for making marble games. You can see examples on his website at: 
I think it could possibly be interesting to incorporate the marble games into the logo, but I am not sure if this will give the best result. While the decor of the office will likely be renovated over the next few years, the marbles are a staple that are loved by all the kids and will stay."
Clent review
I am really liking the logo. I would love to see a few variations with colors and fonts, just to have a few options, but overall, it is a great look. Thanks!!
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