Clean Production Action -  a non profit that designs and delivers solutions for green chemistry and sustainable materials to help businesses and governments create and promote products that are safe for people and the environment.
Important things to communicate with design/logo
#1 - dynamic
#2 - innovators
#3 - optimism
We like the BEE in our current banner: 
We get a good response from it. We would like to see the bee incorporated (symbolizes networking and creation of something beautiful and clean eg. honey)
Target audience
We are a big networker: Our target audience are decision makers in industry and government responsible for chemicals and waste policy who are looking for solutions and interested in environmental sustainability.
We also work with product designers in the IT sector to integrate green chemistry into their products and we network with the international NGO community working to find solutions to toxic chemical pollution.
Our audience is well educated, very concerned with environmental sustainability, and international.
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